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About Beachfront Property

Beachfront Property was created by Tom Dustman, Artistic Director and professor of music at Long Beach City College, California. Originally created to write and record jingles for radio and television, the group expanded to "live" concerts and began touring concert halls, performing arts centers, universities and music festivals across the country, performing some of America's most beloved juke box classics from the 40', 50's & 60's. In addition to headlining they have also shared the stage with The Hi-Los, Mel Torme, The Four Freshman, The Brothers Four, and Kenny Rankin. Their three CD's, Beachfront Property, Straighten Up and A Beachfront Christmas are nationally and internationally distributed by Cexton Records and have appeared on jazz polls and "high rotation" play lists throughout the country.

Featured Article Bio about Beachfront Property

"Beachfront Property" is not a piece of real estate along the ocean, but it is a hot property nonetheless. Described as sounding like "Manhattan Transfer" meets "Take 6," their smooth singing style combines the rich sounds of jazz with the fun and energy of pop music.
They have shared the stage with Mel Torme, "The Four Freshman," "The Hi-Los," Kenny Rankin, Crystal Lewis, "The Brothers Four" and "Emerson, Lake & Palmer." The success of Beachfront Property is found not only in a successful blending of harmonies, but in a blending of personalities.
"Not everyone can sing in a group like this," says Tom Dustman, Beachfront's artistic director and bass vocalist. "It takes a special person to give, and give, and give."
The object is to entertain while also preserving some of America's most beloved classics, he says. "No one person is the star." Achieving this feat takes a great deal of effort and a lot of self-control, as the key is to blend the voices. Beachfront's four-part blend is spun out in seemingly effortless fashion creating mellow and exciting, woven-together-like-cloth chords that treat the listener to arrangements of familiar songs with a whole new sound. The newest twist to their show is performing 50 & 60's Rock & Roll tunes accompanied by symphony orchestras or rhythm section.
Release of their first commercial CD "Beachfront" in 1990 marked a new beginning for the group, which was formed in 1979 to record and write commercial jingles. The group debuted with their "live" show when they opened for "The Hi-lo's" in 1988. Their second CD release, "Straight Up," and their most recent, "A Beachfront Christmas" consistently appearing on jazz polls and high rotation play lists throughout the country. 
Whether singing classic standards like "Sophisticated Lady" and "You Go To My Head, " or what they refer to as cartoon tunes "Linus & Lucy" and "The Flintstones Theme," or a medley of Beachboys or Beatle songs, each note is sung with impeccable precision along with ever so subtle purposeful hesitations and syncopated timing.
Beachfront performs in (name of music hall) on (day of week, date) at (time). Tickets for their concert are ($) for children and seniors and ($) for adults. Their (name of city) appearance is presented by the (presenting organization) (and when applicable) with assistance from (arts council funding/radio station).
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As and added not of interest regarding their (name of city) performance, "Beachfront" will share their concert with members of the (name of school groups/honor choirs).
"When we perform with young people there's a freshness; they add a unique flavor and theme, not to mention excitement to the concert," Dustman says.