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The music, harmony, costumes and ad-libs combined to captivate our audience.
–Michael C. Sapp,
Odell Williamson Auditorium (SC)

Beachfront Property performed one of the best concerts we have ever presented. The ensemble performed a wide variety of vocal selections and our audience immediately fell in love with them.


–Jerry Grufik,
Tulsa Performing Arts Center (OK)

The Concert was sheer pleasure from beginning to end. If one were to compare [Beachfront] to other jazz singing groups, the closest might be Manhattan Transfer, who should be flattered by the comparison.  

–Richard Zoller,
Sierra Vista Herald (AZ)

Tight harmony, great visual look, high energy and diverse selection of material from well‑known to old classics!  


–Susie Dowler,
Cam‑Plex Heritage Center (WY)